STEM from another viewpoint!

Why choosing this course?

The role of STEM in education is growing surprisingly fast...but this does not happen in a vacuum! The whole STEM philosophy is vital for socioeconomic and technological progress. But, how can you explain the fact that less and less students opt for STEM subjects?

If you are a STEM teacher, then of course the following challenges should ring a bell!

No.1 Undervaluing STEM subjects
No.2 Lack of public awareness about STEM
No.3 Students boredom [especially those between 11-13 years old]
No.4 Students' failure to see practical relevance of a STEM subject with real life - In other words, too much theory!
No.5 Going digital
No.6 Gender division & prejudice

...and many more!

One-week courses

STEM Hands-on Educational Play with Raspberry Pi, physical computing, Python programming & Minecraft

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