Happy to share that Learning Seed is funded from the European Union & INEDIVIM (Youth & Lifelong Learning Foundation) in the framework of Erasmus+ to implement the Mind the Gap: “Understanding of Gender Equality” KA1 Youth Exchange program.
Thirty-nine participants from five different countries (Greece, Poland, Austria, Croatia, and Turkey) will be involved in this 8-working days project that aims to raise awareness about gender inequities and gender gaps by educating youngsters about the importance of treating all genders with respect and promoting gender equality through informal education.
The project’s goals include encouraging discussions among young people to challenge gender stereotypes, raising awareness about gender inequalities, and advocating for the use of inclusive language. Additionally, it will focus on promoting equality between women and men in decision-making and in the political sphere. They will actively engage in sharing expertise and best practices with fellow participants from diverse backgrounds, aiming to gain insights into how different countries support one another in furthering gender equality. Through knowledge-sharing and cultural exchange activities, they cultivate a positive team environment, fostering a supportive atmosphere during learning sessions focused on various methods and techniques.
Stay posted for additional details!