A guide to the complex issues of parenting in the digital age

With the rapid development of technology in recent years, it is observed that parents have found it difficult to accept the daily use of technology by their children. According to research published in the Journal of the American Pediatric Association, children under one year of age who are exposed to screens for more than four hours a day show delayed development in communication and impaired problem-solving skills at ages 2-4. There are many studies that present negative evidence regarding the development of children who are addicted to the use of technological media. Excessive use of the internet and digital media can certainly have a negative impact on a child’s sociability, as it may expose them to unnecessary contact and information that is not age appropriate. In addition, there is a risk of being exposed to content that may harm them, and there is also a risk of exploitation by malicious users. Can we make technology our ally rather than our enemy? OF COURSE! First, we must also accept it as part of modern family life and TEACH our children that using technology is a privilege, not a right. Also, we don’t forget that children have the right to play, so by adding digital play to our daily lives, we make technology less distant, we get more information about the child’s activities and, ultimately, we become even closer to the child. The digital world can be an important tool in the hands of parents and teachers to teach children about culture and provide them with access to high quality education through high quality educational platforms, STEM and up-to-date information. Finally, it is worth noting that in order for the digital world to become a tool in the upbringing and intellectual development of children, parents should first be aware of the risks and establish prevention measures in order for their children to use it safely.




Number of Participants

min 7 - max 20


Regular Fee: 480.00 €
VIP Fee: 700.00€ - 800.00€


In this training course, parents, educators, teachers and caregivers will be informed about the rapid development of technology and its increasing presence in children’s lives and they will understand the potential impact of excessive technology use on child development. Participants will be encouraged to view technology as a privilege in children’s life and education and they will emphasize the need for setting boundaries and limits on digital use, promoting a healthy balance between digital and non-digital activities. Also, the course will equip participants with practical strategies and tools to mitigate the risks associated with technology use, so they could enjoy the benefits of high-quality education platforms, accessible STEM activities and up-to-date information.


The training course employs a comprehensive methodology that combines interactive workshops, informational sessions, and hands-on practical exercises. Effective strategies will be presented, for incorporating digital play into daily routines, promoting a balanced approach to technology use. The course emphasizes active participation, encouraging participants to share experiences and learn from one another. The course will provide insights on risk awareness, prevention measures, and the responsible use of technology, fostering a collaborative learning environment. The goal is to empower participants with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the challenges of raising children in the digital age while harnessing technology as a positive tool for education and connection within the family and education.

Participants Profile


  • Welcome session
  • Introduction to the Digital Age and Its Impact on Child Development
  • Case Studies and Practical Observations
  • Discussion


  • Awareness of digital use
  • Prevention measures
  • Responsible use of technology
  • Problem-solving discussion
  • Technology as a Privilege
  • Setting Boundaries and Limits in use
  • (strategies, methods, positive parenting)
  • Role playing activities in setting boundaries and limits to the children 
  • Discussion
  • Incorporating Digital Play into Daily
  • Routines
  • Brainstorm of positive use
  • STEM – Digital Educational Tools/Games
  • Discussion


  • Educational Platforms
  • Technology use for connection Workshop how to conduct an educational project with a child via digital world
  • Results-Discussion
  • Understanding Online Risks
  • Practical Strategies for a Safe Digital Environment
  • Closing of the course

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