Promote and foster student’s engagement in the principles of positive psychology

Due to the rapid rhythm of life and demanding living conditions, the education of children and their raising, has become more practical and promotes educational development more than the development of personal well-being and emotional security. Children in modern times are often treated as adults and their own emotional maturity is discounted due to increased intelligence and the easy delivery of knowledge through technology. Adults often ignore children’s need for meaningful playtime, emotional safety and support for their evolving needs, resulting in the development of resilience, optimism and positive relationships coming secondary. Schools and up-to-date teachers could be a driving force in this change and even raise awareness among parents. Children, primarily through school and therefore through the family, can be trained to develop their personal strengths, mental resilience, optimism and positive relationships, with the ultimate and primary goal of their own well-being and positive academic progress.




Number of Participants

min 7 - max 15


Regular Fee: 640.00 €
VIP Fee: 700.00€ - 800.00€


From this educational program participants will discover and recognize concepts such as emotional awareness, optimism, positive relationships, mental resilience and personal well-being. They will be able to recall their own personal experiences where their own, acquired or unacquired, characteristics have assisted or distracted them from their own goals. They will come into touch with the main pillars of positive psychology and will be able to recognise the positive effects of integrating such methods into the educational process and everyday life. They will master a large part of methods in positive psychology development  and will feel ready to assimilate at least its basic features into the modern way of thinking.


This training programme will provide participants with theoretical and practical exercises for a better understanding of the topic. Concepts and theory will be delivered, about Positive Psychology and the positive impact it has on children’s lives today. This program is not only for teachers, but also for ordinary parents who are looking for solutions to everyday challenges with their children and seeking a more positive way of parenting. The involvement of participants will allow for practical exercises in groups, where they will exchange important views and better evaluate theory and new practices, and feel supported by people who are seeking the same. There will be a session by a psychologist working with children and families on positive psychology and they will have the opportunity to express their questions and concerns. Finally, they will be provided with important tools to help them integrate Positive Psychology into their children’s education and lives.

Participants Profile


  • Welcome sessions
  • Team Building (we need this cause sensitive content will be expressed)
  • Introduction: Children raising and difficulties
  • Remembering the previous day and capture of their thoughts
  • Participants will express their own difficulties or best practices that can remember from their childhood
  • Discussion and thought of what was helpful of not
  • Introduction of positive psychology
  • Teaching methods in modern schools
  • Case studies and discussion
  • Briefing of the previous day
  • Children strengths, mental resilience
  • Impact in children’s life
  • Children’s optimism 
  • Children’s positive relationships
  • Methods to integrate positive psychology in Teaching Methods
  • Session with a Psychologist for methods in how to develop positive Psychology
  • Briefing of the previous day
  • Remembering the methods
  • Case studies
  • Role playing
  • Providing Tools and resources for the topic
  • Closing the training 

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