Create an innovative mindset in businesses

In the current business world, innovation is the key to success. Cultivating an innovative work environment involves fostering a supportive and collaborative environment where employees are encouraged to experiment, take risks and share ideas. This modern way of thinking states that the employees have great importance to the company, attention is paid to their own personal well-being while at work and aims to reduce traditional techniques and ideas within the workplace, eliminating stereotypes and social stigma . The ultimate goal is to promote entrepreneurship, develop digital skills and ensure that leadership is aligned with a culture of innovation. Adapting hierarchical structures, if necessary, is vital for inclusivity. Creating a respectful workplace, valuing diversity and focusing on the impact of innovations on industries are key elements. An innovative and entrepreneurial culture not only drives growth and efficiency, but also contributes to economic and social transformation.




Number of Participants

min 7 - max 20


Regular Fee: 400.00 €
VIP Fee: 700.00€ - 800.00€


Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to promote innovation in the modern business landscape. Objectives include instilling a mindset that places a high value on employees, emphasizing personal well-being and challenging traditional workplace norms. Participants will learn strategies to encourage experimentation, risk-taking and sharing of ideas, fostering a culture that promotes entrepreneurship and digital skills development. The training aims to equip leaders with the knowledge to align their leadership style with an innovative culture, including possible adjustments to hierarchical structures for integration. Emphasis will be placed on creating a respectful workplace that values diversity, and participants will explore the practical impact of innovation in industries.


The methodology of this training is designed to be engaging and participatory. The course combines interactive elements, including both group and individual work, promoting collaborative discussions between participants. We deliberately keep groups small to ensure that each person has the opportunity to actively contribute and share their experiences. The training emphasizes practical application, culminating in the creation of individualized action plans by each participant, reinforcing the transfer of learning to real classroom scenarios.

Participants Profile


  • Welcome session
  • Introduction to the importance of innovation in the business landscape
  • Role of employees in companies (sharing ideas, experiences, traditional norms that the participants have faced)
  • Exploring styles that align with an innovative culture
  • Case studies and group discussions on successful innovative environments
  • Problem solving
  • Importance of diversity and equity in the workplace
  • Strategies for creating a respectful and inclusive culture
  • Role playing
  • Traditional norms

  • Examples
  • Ways to delete these kind of ideas
  • Case studies and problem solving
  • Plan to implement innovative strategies in their workplace
  • Discussions and feedback
  • Closing the training

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