Creative Teaching And Teaching Creativity

In today’s age where technology takes up a huge part of our daily lives, and it’s doubling every 2 years, whether at work or at home, it is often observed that children are receiving ready-made knowledge and not developing creative skills. Also, since many schools have a more cognitive approach rather than a creative one, and they expect to develop more the capacity to learn, children learn to accept information in a sterile way and not to process it in depth. Although, numerous educators are already embracing creative teaching methods, employing imaginative and innovative approaches to impart the curriculum and ensure that learning is both engaging and memorable. Integrating creative learning into teaching brings many benefits, promoting analytical thinking, innovation, and complex problem-solving skills. Integrating creativity fosters qualities such as resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility, allowing students to adapt in uncertain times. Schools play a crucial role in transmitting the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and harness creativity. Skills that contribute to creativity also enhance resilience to change, making individuals more flexible in meeting the challenges of our modern world. A school emphasizing creativity in its curriculum seeks to equip students for independent learning, inspire a passion for learning, build resilience, foster innovation, and prepare for a dynamic world. This involves effective teacher questioning, student engagement, collaboration, learning from failures, tackling challenges without preconceived ideas, maintaining a strong structure, and producing relevant outcomes. By prioritizing creativity in teaching methods, schools can create an exceptional learning environment, driving substantial progress across all aspects of school life.




Number of Participants

min 7 - max 20


Regular Fee: 480.00 €
VIP Fee: 700.00€ - 800.00€


This course, is fostering to develop into participants a creative mindset, encouraging them to put effort towards to innovation in teaching methods, through a better understanding of creatine teaching, strategies, and their significance. Participants will examining key theories and models in creative teaching. Also, through this course, participants will have the knowledge to approach challenges with imaginative solutions and innovate in various aspects of their personal and professional lives, through tools and strategies to enhance resilience, stress tolerance, and flexibility. Also, participants will analyze the importance of collaboration and teamwork, that allow children to benefit from diverse perspectives and collectively address challenges. Lastly, the course will provide insights into creative teaching methods that engage and inspire children, making the learning experience both enjoyable and memorable, also promoting children’s creative skills.


In this course, will be used both theoretical and practical parts. Participants will be informed about the innovation of creative teaching and the skills that offers to the students, the advantages, and the strategies to integrate creativity in their teaching methods. Also, they will be prepared to make creative lessons plan through the methods that will be presents and the statistics that show the positive impact creative teaching have to students. Many exercises and case studies will be evaluating the theory through interactive way, and participants will be equipped with experience and tools to be more teaching effective and confident.

Participants Profile


  • Welcome session
  • Traditional teaching methods
  • Defining creativity in education
  • Exploring the impact on student
  • Key theories and models in creative teaching
  • Various creative teaching strategies
  • Case studies
  • Discussion
  • Innovative Teaching Methods
  • Collaborative activities to brainstorm and share creative ideas
  • Creating Engaging Lesson Plans
  • Evaluation
  • Guest speakers (teachers that integrate creative methods into classrooms)

  • Discussion
  • Strategies for aligning creative teaching with educational standards
  • Practical exercises to promote teamwork among students
  • Planning and implementing collaborative projects in the classroom
  • Collaborative feedback on preview’s day collaborative projects for improvement
  • Closing of the course

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