Children explore imaginative realms through puppetry, fostering laughter, learning, and lasting memories

Τhe school today must respect the uniqueness of each student’s personality, which requires an understanding of the heterogeneity of classrooms and the revision of teaching methods in order to achieve modern educational goals. Differentiated teaching, is imperative, given that young people’s dynamics, perception and potentialities are witnessing great growth. For example, teaching through play and real-life simulation, especially in the early stages of a child’s education, seem to have very good results and trigger their cognitive development. Dolls, as an educational tool, are part of human culture and children show through playing with dolls that they better understand and identify with everyday life, promoting children’s ability to develop socially, linguistically, emotionally and cognitively. Symbolic play allows children to imitate and explain adult behaviours in an enjoyable way and has many emotional benefits to their social-emotional skills, such as developing empathy. For teachers, learning through the use of dolls is an important tool for differentiated teaching to meet the current needs of students in order to better achieve the learning experience.




Number of Participants

min 7 - max 20


Regular Fee: 480.00 €
VIP Fee: 700.00€ - 800.00€


The project aims to make the teachers understand the importance of engaging the puppet-playing in real-life simulations and play-based learning. These activities aim to foster social, language, emotional and cognitive skills, promoting a holistic approach to development. In addition, the use of dolls/puppets in teaching aims to encourage empathy, enhance social-emotional skills and allows children to imitate and understand adult behaviors in a fun way. Finally, the learning objectives underline the importance of adapting teaching methods to accommodate different dynamics, perceptions and abilities, ensuring a more effective and inclusive learning experience for pupils.


Teachers will engage in workshops and professional development sessions to deepen their understanding of the diverse learning needs of students and the benefits of incorporating dolls into the curriculum. These sessions will include theoretical discussions on the significance of play-based learning, real-life simulations, and the

developmental advantages of symbolic play. Practical training exercises will follow, where teachers will participate in hands-on activities involving the integration of dolls/muppets in lesson planning. Sources materials, and Platforms will be provided to ensure teachers can confidently integrate doll-based activities into their teaching methods, thereby creating a more engaging and tailored learning experience for their students.

Participants Profile


  • Welcome session
  • Identification of Teaching and Learning Needs
  • Teaching principles and the diverse needs of students
  • Introduction in play-based learning
  • Different approaches in play-based learning
  • Group discussions in identifying challenges and solutions
  • In-depth exploration of symbolic play
  • Role-playing scenarios and case studies
  • Puppets playing learning

  • Methods to Intergrade
  • Role-playings
  • Simulated classroom scenarios
  • Peer feedback
  • Reflective discussions on the effectiveness of doll-based activities
  • Closing of project

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