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Creativity and innovation are popular concepts in the business world today and become even more important during the ongoing pandemic and its economic impact. Entrepreneurship has become a sought-after avenue for individuals seeking to create their own businesses. Entrepreneurship involves the implementation of an idea, often with the goal of disrupting existing markets with new products or services. Although it usually starts as a small business, the end goal is ambitious – to achieve high profits and dominate the market through innovative ideas. Entrepreneurs often identify themselves as sources of new ideas, introducing innovations that replace old ones in the market.Developing a mindset is crucial for aspiring entrepreneurs, as it shapes the way they approach problems and challenges. Living life on your own terms becomes a motivating factor for creative entrepreneurs who value autonomy, liberty and self-expression through their work. These individuals create their own trails, unrestricted by traditional career paths or societal expectations. To cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, it is necessary to build a diverse skill set and knowledge base, create a network, formulate your ideas, carve out a niche, understand and analyse the market, plan your business, secure funding and finally and finally implement your business. Creative entrepreneurship, at its core, inspires creativity in a continuous cycle, enriching everyone it touches. This means that individuals in different sectors can become creative entrepreneurs by inspiring innovation in their approaches. Being a creative entrepreneur is not just a career choice, but a profound expression of your authentic self. Adopting the mindset of a creative entrepreneur requires careful planning, a deep understanding of your target audience, and a delicate balance between passion and profitability. By exploring a variety of monetization strategies, individuals can turn their artistic dreams into workable realities. Living life on the terms you want, liberating productivity and allowing all your unique opinions to be heard on the creative digital landscape. The world awaits the glow of this artistic expression!




Number of Participants

min 7 - max 15


Regular Fee: 400.00 €
VIP Fee: 700.00€ - 800.00€


This course will provide participants with the comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurship, its principles, and its role in today’s business landscape, while it will equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and mindset required to embark on a successful journey as a creative entrepreneur. Participants will recognize the significance of creativity and innovation in entrepreneurial ventures, and they will be promoted to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset emphasizing autonomy, liberty, and self-expression. Participants will be encouraged to develop a proactive and problem-solving approach to challenges, and they will get basic knowledge how to identify market gaps and opportunities for disruptive innovation. Also, participants will have an insight on how to develop skills in market research and analysis to understand consumer needs and industry trends, like business planning, personal aspirations, strategy development, and implementation. The course will explore various funding options for startups, including bootstrapping, investors, and crowdfunding and will encourage participants to view creative entrepreneurship as a means of authentic self-expression.


During the course presentations will be provide the theoretical foundations of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation and it will be an in-depth exploration of principles, case studies, and success stories of creative entrepreneurship. Many case studies and successful stories will be evaluated and analyzes, as hand-on exercises to let participants understand the theory will a more interactive and interested way. Also, while the course is going on successful entrepreneurs and industry experts will be invited to share their experiences, so they will let participants express all the questions and insecurities. Strategies to develop specific skills and many exercises will be presented and will conduct many role-playing sessions. The goal is to help participants to feel motivated, develop their skills and feel safe to start their own business planning. Online platforms and tools will be provided, so participants will keep their “handbook” of the tools that align to their personal goals.

Participants Profile


  • Welcome session
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Significance of Creativity and Innovation
  • Principles of Creative Entrepreneurship
  • Interactive Exercise: Identifying personal entrepreneurial interest
  • Market Research Techniques for Creative Entrepreneurs
  • Analyzing Consumer Needs and Industry Trends
  • Identifying Market Gaps and Opportunities
  • Conducting a mini-market research project
  • Personal Aspirations
  • Goal setting, strategy development, and implementation
  • Successful Entrepreneur sharing their journey
  • Funding Options

  • Developing diverse skill set (importance, types, strategies, courses)
  • Cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Overcoming Challenges and Decision-Making
  • Closing of the course

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