Georgia Griva

Natasa Koutoula- Researcher at Learning Seed

Anastasia, a dedicated researcher at Learning Seed, is skilled at developing narratives, creating engaging content and developing educational materials, designing innovative integrated trainings and running successful pilots. With a background in Social Work and a wealth of expertise in child and family counselling, she brings a unique perspective to her role, enhancing the effectiveness of trainings and narrative part. Anastasia started her professional journey by conducting assessments and offering individual counselling, and has dealt with complex issues within the criminal justice system. Also, professional experience in child protection, case management, counselling, legal support and supporting young people in their transition to independence, enable her to identify the needs of young people, families and society in general, so the training materials she produces is targeted and relevant. This diverse background has provided Anastasia with a solid foundation and extensive knowledge of the needs of young people and their families, as well as the daily challenges they face. Her skills extend to special education child support, student assessment, counseling and bullying prevention. Her skills, highlighting her ability to navigate complex issues, provide critical support and make a meaningful contribution to the wellbeing of individuals and communities. Her diverse skills include active listening, conflict resolution, resilience and advocacy. Her past involvement in youth exchanges and professional experience have motivated her to actively engage in community and non-formal learning, especially for young people trying to integrate in a demanding modern society and work life.


Marialena Droulia - Marketing Specialist at Learning Seed

Marialena is a dynamic marketing specialist at Learning Seed. She is equipped with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, Advertising and Public Relations from the prestigious Department of Communication, Media & Culture at Panteion University. As an integral part of her academic journey, Marialena took the opportunity to broaden her horizons through her participation in the ERASMUS mobility programme at Sapienza University in Rome, Italy. Her professional competence is underlined by a range of skills, including excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Marialena uses these skills to foster meaningful relationships within our community. Driven by creativity and unwavering attention to detail, she fosters engaging content that engages across a variety of platforms, from dynamic social media campaigns to engaging websites and eye-catching print materials. In addition to her linguistic flexibility with her good command of Greek and English, Marialena adds a touch of international flair with her very good command of Italian. Her multi-faceted expertise and dedication make her an invaluable asset to Learning Seed’s dynamic marketing initiatives, driving success through innovative communication strategies and engaging content creation.